US stock market will go up

United States, 18th October: The US stock market will move upwards despite recent financial turmoil witnessed in the economy.

This has been revealed by Steve Palmer. Palmer is optimistic about the economic data of the nation and feels nothing to be scared of for the investors with regard to the economy’s strength. The US stock market did touch its biggest low level in August this year.

But the positive note in this blow is that it did manage to rise above thus making a biggest rally in the last two and a half decades. The market is still moving above and will continue to surge high in the current year. The aim of potential investors in the stock market should be to opt for relatively lesser speculative companies to get bigger returns.

Choose equities to earn higher returns–Palmer refutes the assumptions that the market may touch its bottom this year. And even if the market dooms to the level of 2008 for a short span of time, the best bet is to go for bonds during this temporary phase, claims Palmer. The market, true to its characteristic nature, is bound to go up after reaching its low.

And in such a case, that is, when the market improves after moving down temporarily, then the investors must choose equities for the long-term since there does exist a risk of losing your bucks in case of investment in bonds.

Be watchful of tax differences—Investors need to be aware of huge tax differences or they may risk losing a large chunk of their money and their buying power, says Palmer. So, there is no use investing your money into fixed-income products. Rather, they should invest in equities.

Go for base metals—Base metals, due to their significance to the international economic development, are a good bet for investment. So, investors can take a plunge in base metal companies dealing in a variety of metals.

A good example of such companies among others can be Ryan Gold Corp., known for its major discoveries in the past few years. It boasts of having a market cap of nearly $80 million as per the figures till June 30 this year.