Tips for Canada business travel

Canada, 1st December: Planning for a business travel from the US to Canada? Consider the following important tips—- 

Canada, 1st December: Planning for a business travel from the US to Canada? Consider the following important tips—-

No doubt, Canada does share its boundary with its neighbor America, but there exist a range of differences between the two neighboring nations with regard to business travel. Let us know what these are—

• All travelers from America to Canada need a valid US passport in order to gain entry into Canada.

• With effect from 1st June 2009 onwards, all Americans travelling to Canada by sea or by land will have to abide by the WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) rules. As per these restrictions, all Canadian as well as US travelers must provide various travel documents on entering America including a US passport card, a US passport, an EDL(enhanced driver license) for traveling across borders.

In addition, Trusted Traveler Program cards like SENTRI, NEXUS enrollment cards are also required for sea or land travel.

• As a traveler to Canada, you need to adhere to international travel rules like having a valid passport and arrive a minimum of two hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

• In order to get around Canada, you can use trains, buses, taxis and rental cars. However, to rent a car, you will need a valid driving license issued from the traveler’s nation of residence. And the minimum age for renting an intermediate, economy, standard or full sized vehicle, you need to be at least 21 years of age. You also need to follow the speed limits which are around 55-65 mph or 100 kilometers per hour.

• Currency exchange is available in Canada at most of the airports and banks in Canada. However, many establishments normally accept US dollars. Of course, you can buy traveler checks in Canadian currency (i.e. Canadian dollars) even before arriving in Canada.

• In Canada, you must follow various business etiquettes like timeliness and punctuality. And you must have business cards printed in both English and French if you intend to do business in cities like Quebec.

Remember, your business travel to Canada can be truly enjoyable if you take care to exercise relevant precautions.

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