Shopping in a holiday season

9th November: Holiday season is approaching fast and we are crazy to grab the best offer at a good bargain.

However, we need not act in a haste since all special offers made by shopkeepers may not be bargains. Let us see what consumers should do to get the best bargain— • Use cash rather than credit card—Buyers using credit cards for purchases may be allured to overspend resulting in regrets later on when a bill showing whopping amount arrives at your doorstep.

Hence, the best thing is to use cash while making purchases since it can help to keep a tab on spending more than your financial budgetary limits.

• Check out financial advise online-Ignoring advise from friends or family members with regard to shopping is relatively easier than the guidance provided by any financial expert online. So, its good to seek the advice of any financial advisor or expert to get best offers.

• Emotional shopping- a big blunder-Acting emotionally, whether its for investments or for shopping- can be disastrous. And its always better to keep a reasonable stock of commodities whose prices are likely to shoot up in the coming times.

• Diversity is the best policy even while shopping—Just like investors, diversify your shopping. Don’t commit the mistake of putting all your eggs in a single basket. Remember, don’t shop at a single store offering what it calls the biggest discounts on earth. Take time to shop around to search for better bargains at other stores too. Believe, you will get better deals while shopping at different shops than shopping at a single store.

• Act fast to grab best offers—Act fast to get the goods being sold at reasonably low prices. Don’t waste time by waiting on or your favorite items may be sold.

• Buyer beware—Buyers need to be aware that there are laws to seek compensation if companies sell unhealthy or otherwise poor quality products to their consumers.

Meanwhile, many a times, companies mention in their contracts that it is better to settle the issue mutually than going to a court since it will be beneficial not just for the companies but even for the consumers too. That’s because consumers will get a quick and a cheap resolution of their dispute.

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