Seniors promised property tax deferral by Liberals

Canada, 20th September: Ontario Liberals are showing liberty towards seniors by promising them property tax deferral.

Canada, 20th September: Ontario Liberals are showing liberty towards seniors by promising them property tax deferral.

Stay in your homes, become eligible for deferred property taxes- seniors told–According to MPP for Ottawa Center and President of Ontario Liberal Party, Yasir Naqvi, the party, if elected in the coming elections slated on 6th October, will defer property taxes for seniors provided they opt to stay in their homes.

Giving details about the party’s plan for seniors, Naqvi said enabling seniors in Canada stay in their houses is an integral part of the next phase of Ontario Liberal Plan, Forward Together.

It is the best thing for the seniors, their families and for Ontario as well, he added.

So, under the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, seniors will be eligible for property tax deferral, including education as well as municipal tax, until they decide to sell their home, Naqvi clarified.

And the province will be responsible for covering the interest costs of the property tax deferral for seniors, he maintained.

Ontario Liberal Plan welcomed—No wonder, the promise of lending much needed support to seniors, who are among the vulnerable group of Canadians, is attracting support from far and wide.

According to CEO of Ontario Community Support Association, Susan Thorning, the promised move will be a step in the right direction. She added that the need of letting seniors stay in their respective houses is being recognized by Premier McGuinty and it will help Ontarians stay close to their loved ones.

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program—This program for seniors by Ontario Liberal Party is aimed at undoing the damage done by the Harris-Hudak PC government by which resulted in a $3 billion bill for municipalities.

The purpose is to provide stability to the seniors in Canada to help them make planning for the coming times. Seniors’ Property Tax Deferral Program will be applicable to around 1.3 million seniors living in Ontario as homeowners irrespective of the different property tax deferral programs of some municipalities.

In addition, to provide family members take care of sick or seriously ill parents or grandparents, they will be entitled to eight weeks leave from their work.

Seniors as well as their families will be provided renovation tax credits to the limit of $15,00 each year for making renovations including railings and walk-in tubs in their homes.

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