8th October: Using your credit card can also help you in big savings and give you hidden bonuses.

Let us see what these credit card bonuses are and how one avail can such lucrative offers- In tough competitive times, many credit companies try to allure their consumers by providing enticing offers that can result in big savings. These can be in the form of reduced fees, low rates of interest or cash back rewards.

• Car rental insurance—These days, many credit card companies offer primary insurance coverage that covers the client’s existing auto insurance. This relieves the consumer from making payments towards deductibles. That’s not all. Some credit card companies also offer comprehensive coverage that helps in replacing your insurance altogether.

• Immediate currency conversion—This is especially helpful for Americans travelling abroad since currency conversion happens to be a problem for tourists. And the fact that tourist kiosks require huge commissions and ask for exorbitantly high exchange rate when trading currency notes.

• Roadside help—Several credit card companies offer roadside help for any vehicle being used by travelers except a work vehicle. Credit card holders are privileged to enjoy such benefits thus avoiding paying high charges for any emergency call.

• Bonuses for online shopping—Many credit card companies offer special cash back rebates for credit card users ranging between one percent and five percent. Moreover, Citi and American Express allow credit card users reward points for any discounted merchandise.

• Concert tickets—You may be astonished to know that if you are looking for buying hottest concern tickets or tickets for watching some favorite sports event, your credit card company will be there to serve you. You can book your tickets quite well ahead of the scheduled program. You can also get VIP tickets which are not available to the general public.

• Access to airport lounge—Discounted or even free access to VIP airport lounges is also provided by some airline credit cards. This can help in making your airline trip an enjoyable one. VIP airport lounges provide comfortable seating arrangements, free access to wireless internet and complimentary beverages as well.

These services from a handful of credit card companies also provide access to international lounge network extending to hundreds of airports.