1st December: Success of any business, whether small or large, is based on the ability to recognize a winning business idea.

And a good business idea is the one that is based on the individual needs of the business, the targeted customers or market and relative production costs.

Choosing and recognizing a winning business idea

• Search a business idea—First and the foremost step is in making a search on different business ideas. Some may seem good while others might appear useless depending on individual requirements.

• Know what are you good or better at—You must know your individual likes, skills and your passion before selecting any business idea since it is the basis of success of your business in the coming times. Choose what you love rather than loving your work.

• Choose a niche—Finding a niche is vital before choosing a winning business idea. You can begin a business that caters to the needs of an exclusive clientele. However, do keep in mind that the success of your business in this case will be dependent not on the demand for the service or product but on the customers’ loyalty.

A winning business idea is based on proper planning and research while keeping individual likes and dislikes, particular skills and relative costs in mind

. • Refrain from joining the bandwagon—You may feel inclined to join the businesses that are in hot demand. But, take courage to differentiate yourself if you want to allure customers and retain them permanently.

• Identify your target customers—It is important to recognize your target market to ensure future success of your business. You cant sell luxury items to middle-income group people. Hence, make sure to match your marketing with your target market.

• Know the needs of your market—This is also very critical to the success of any business. You must know the requirements of your targeted market. Tap the potential of the market by marketing a service or a product in high demand.

• Accept the element of risk—Risk is always there no matter whichever business you choose. The wisdom lies in managing such risks through proper investigation, research and planning. Remember, one can build a successful business by following all the above stated strategies.

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