Health Care system to levy more taxes, decades later

Health Care Services

Few decades later, Canadians will be paying more taxes than now for the “health care services” they would be availing.

There was a time when people got health care services with an ID Proof which had not picture of the beholder. This made things easier for one and all, as anyone could carry the ID card of the other person and avail the facilities.

In fact, to avail the facilities one may have to wait for hours even if it is an emergent case.

Forced by the situation, people started enrolling into private health insurances so that they can at least avail the minimum of benefits, if they fall sick. This is surely more expensive than getting agree service, though being more reliable.

But, the matter of understanding is, the “free service” is actually not a free one, because, one enjoys these services only after paying huge taxes.

The future ahead

Speculations are made that the people in the country could be paying their medical bills in thousands of dollars, a few decades from now, unless easy and low cost methods are developed to meet up the medical treatment.

Experts fear that the future tax payers will lose their patience out of paying huge amount of taxes, against availing the health care benefits for themselves and their family members.

There is a speculation of a debt crossing the figure of $1.4 trillion, an amount which would be burdening the people of Canada in terms of taxes. After all, it is the people who have to pay for the burdens.

The Preventive Action

Provinces like Alberta, who have been doing well economically, also would not be devoid of such a burden in future, as per the study conducted.

The suggestion comes from the experts to enjoy a lifestyle which prevents one from getting ill and inviting any kind of ailment.

A study reveals that 40-60% of the health care costs rise due to chronic ailments, and this is something which can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. By acting smart, one can at least contribute to saving 40 to 60% of the health care expenditure of him and of the nation too.

The best thing to prevent the taxes from getting enlarged in future is have a healthy plan which will keep one fit and fine.

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