Health care likely to get more expensive

Health Care to get expensive

As per Canada Health Act, the health care services are delivered through public funded health care system, which is free at the point of use.

The day to day handling is maintained mainly by the patient and his physician and not directly by the government.

The best part of the health care services is that the patient need not get involved in paying the bills or getting the claim done by the insurance provider; this is all handled by the physician looking into the case. However, private insurance bodies have very little contribution in the Canadian Health Care system.

Changes in Health Care cost

  • According to a survey, the health care costs have been increased quite a bit. The premiums for family coverage have increased by 4% whereas the same for individual coverage has increased by 3%.
  • This year an appreciation in the cost like High deductible health plans and others have not been recorded.
  • However, next year there is speculation of the cost rising by 8% if the worked out plan is implemented.
  • If Employers change their plan and think of investing more for their employees than the rise is likely to be a little more than 6%.

Probable reasons for the higher cost

  • Experts believe that the percentage of gain population is growing every year in the country. This is a direct indication that they need a lot of health care support which results the prices to go up. The cost of health care service per capita stand out to be 41,223 at the age of, which reaches the level of $3,772 at 65 and $8,425 at 75 and gets double this amount at the age of 85. Hence looking at the aging population of the country it is probably the biggest cause of rising health costs.
  • It is also believed that age is not the only driver, but there are other factors too. The inflation has actually made people experience a rise in the cost in every possible sphere and it has not even barred healthcare service.

Healthcare is an important component of any country. There could be various factors influencing the cost which may include the policy change form he government, the contributions made by employees and employers, however, even if it gets expensive people cannot help getting sick and then getting treated for any kind of disease they suffer from.