Biasness in paying the female academics

Female Academics

In a recent study made at the Canadian Academic Agencies, en element of biasness in recruitment and evaluation of women academics have been surfaced.

The findings of the report

A gap was studied in the salaries of even male and female professors who probably have been working for the same number of years. The female professor is reported to earn a 5% lesser salary than their male counterparts. And, these are supposed to be affecting the pension plans and other long term benefits which depend on the take home salary or gross salary of the academicians.

The main causes behind disparity

Women are trapped with the responsibility of taking care of children more in compared to men do. This has a direct correlation with their promotions and other criteria which actually leads to a hike in the salary.

She has to take care of her children. In some cases she also has to take care of her parents and the entire household.

There are hardly any career fluctuations available to the females. To top it all the social responsibility is more towards the females than the males.

Females are more pushed towards the subjects like Humanities and not towards fast growing ones like mathematics and science. This is another major reason for them to remain behind of their male counterparts.

The revelations made in the report

A study conducted recently suggests that out of 19 award categories there was none wherein a woman had bagged a chance of being a part of research program. The scenario is discouraging in spite of the reports that women have outnumbered men in the university studies.

The stereotyped regulations

On one hand, government makes a hue and cry about “gender equality”. On the other hand the stereotyped measures are still followed in the recruitment process.

There are experts who inform that the traveling becomes difficult for the women who have children and parents to take care of. The day care facility though exists, but it is supposedly not strong and flexible enough to cover the requirements of such women. In the process they still lag behind than their male counterparts.

Sometimes, apart from these reasons there are subtle biasness which still force the women to take away a lesser than the male workers.

The situation has to be dealt with a great sincerity by the government if it actually intends to bring men and women at the same platform.

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