Job cuts in Canada increased in January: An Insight

A look into job cuts

Canada has long been eyed as a land of opportunities whereby there has been the latest considerations of discriminations and the like. However, of late, it has been seen and reported that in the month of January alone, the job cuts in Canada have touched massive proportions. In fact, there have been statements made by top public works department authorities that the job cuts are not done with yet and that there are more on the way.

The first reason that can be cited in this context is that due to enhanced expenditure and increased population, the government seems to have given up on paying for a number of things. Though the taxation, the windfall lotteries and the like are in place, the authorities seem to be incapable of looking into the various departments. Of course, we as laymen are left with one nagging question—where from did the expenses get managed over all these past years?

However, every separate job and department has its own peculiarities. Take for instance, the fast recovering automobile sector. This sector has amply recovered since the American downturn. The recession hit sectors have started looking up. However, there have been increased job cuts in this aspect too since the beginning on the New Year. However, industry pundits are of the opinion that this is the very essence of the productivity sector—doing more using less! This, though, fails to explain anything to an individual who depends on work to fend for an entire family.

With increasing job cuts, laid off employees are finding it hard to reach out for newer jobs as well. Moreover, the biggest surprise comes from the fact that this has been the second round of cuts in about a years’ time.

Immigrants in Canada have been badly affected by these job cuts. A vast majority of those who are employed with the catering and food industry have been struck badly by such news. Leaders in the industry have decided to bank ion cost effectiveness. This has been the only reason that has been cited as the only reason why they ate laying off their workforce. It can merely be left to time to make us understand the route that the employment figure graph shall take by the end of half a year. Till then it can simply be said—lets wait and watch!

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