IRS Warns To Stay Away From Dirty Tax Scams

IRS and tax scam warning

IRS refers to the revenue service of the federal government in United States. IRS is the top bureau of treasury department in US. Internal revenue commissioner provides effective directions to this department. The main responsibility of this department is to collect taxes in the country as well as it enforces IR code (internal revenue).

In the modern era there are different guidelines that are issued by the IRS for the taxpayers so that they can avoid scams. The first guideline refers to the identification of the theft. The thieves use legitimate information and personal details of the taxpayer so that they can file tax return as well as claim fraudulent refund. The IRS department issued notice for informing taxpayers that more returns were filled using his or her name.

If any citizen of America feels that there is misuse of his or her personal details then they can immediately contact IRS protection unit. “” is a website where web user can find information about identity theft. Phishing is another tax scam that is common in present time because of increased use of internet. Unsolicited emails and fake websites are used to take valuable personal or financial details about any particular person. People should remember that IRS department do not send any email to tax payer to gain any personal as well as financial details. If anyone encounters such email then they can contact “PHISHING@IRS.GOV”. The third tax scam is frivolous arguments.

Those who promote frivolous arguments support taxpayer to give unreasonable and eccentric claims so that they can claim returns or avoid taxpaying. Court of the country provides certain law and code which every citizen has to follow strictly. All the frolicsome tax arguments are listed under IRS department official website. The fourth tax scam that taxpayer should evade is trouncing income offshore. The taxpayer should disclose their correct income, bank accounts as well as all assets that they owe.

This will help this department to calculate exact amount of tax that taxpayer can pay so that these funds can be used for the development of the country. If certain cases where people hide such information from the department have to pay penalties in terms of fines.

The fifth tax scam which everyone should avoid is return preparer deceit. It is very important to choose trustworthy tax preparer for filling tax returns with the department. Much tax preparer can charge extravagant fees or skim client’s refunds.