Plan an Investment portfolio in accordance with your age and requirement

Planning an investment

Planning an investment is as important as earning an income. Experts recommend that a considerable portion of the income should always be invested for future emergencies, needs and even security.

The investment should always be in accordance with the age and requirement of the investor.

Starting the investment plan early in life:

  • If you are starting your investment process quite early in life, let’s say at 25 or so, and then you have the time in hand to take greater risks. In this case, you can always invest a major portion of your money into equity because in spite of ebbing volatile there is no other investment with high returns as this sector.
  • Make investments in this sector when the market is low and depressed.
  • Instead of making a large chunk of investment in one goes, you should pour in money bit by bit.
  • Along with investing in stocks, make sure that your investments are made in life insurances, retirement benefits and even medical insurances.
  • You must also choose mutual funds, bonds and guaranteed income plans so that at least a portion of your investment is secured.
  • Even if you are starting early, there is no harm in thinking about “retirement plans”. Earlier you start more benefits you will enjoy.

Starting the plan at middle age:

  • When you start to invest in the middle age, you have to consider a plan which secures the future of your spouse and children as well, because by this time you would supposedly get married and enjoy the responsibility of children as well.
  • Here, you have to be a little conservative and ensure that your investment does not go majorly into stocks. Of course, you can always put a portion aside for this sector along with insurances covering life, health and medical needs.

Starting the plan quite late in life:

  • If you have started the investments late in life then your emphasis should be on “retirement plans” so that your future is secured and you have a definite source of income when you retire.
  • Your emphasis also should be upon the kind of “medical insurances” you can avail and make investments into.

When you sit down to make your investment plan always consider the age, the requirements, the responsibilities and the income you generate.