Can you bank upon real estate investment for your retirement?

Real Estate Investment

The economic doldrums all around, have left people with little confidence to make investments in a sector which could be banked upon in their retirement days.

All over the world, the finance has seen more than expected “ups and downs” and so has the economy of Canada.

The worst affected are the common people who do not know the exact way to secure their future and grown their money.

In the process they toy around with many ideas in the look of some amount of “financial security”.

Real Estate viewed as a source of security for retirement days

The Bulls of housing market have been making an attempt to project housing market as a great source of reliance for the days when one does not have a definite and recurring source of income.

Looking at the disasters at various “investment fronts”, people are initiating to bank upon housing market for making investments, especially from the retirement days.

A survey indicates that almost 50% of the Canadians consider the investment in housing market to be a large source of security in the retirement period.
Reasons for housing market gaining trust of investors

Stock market results have only disappointed the investors, mutual funds narrating a no better story. The interest rate on savings account has been quite depressing and the other saving plans have nothing better to offer. Many of these inevstemnt plans have incurred huge loss to the investors over the period of time. In the process, housing market is the only source which seems to be reliable enough in the long term.

Risks associated with housing market

Housing market is largely affected by Government policies, so someone who bought a house merely for the same of having a “safe retirement” may not be able to enjoy it completely due to the introduction of a given policy which is unfavourable for the housing market.

Making any investment in the housing market can never be a complete “risk free” investment.

Any retirement plan should never be solely dependent upon a single source; rather, one has to make diversified efforts to be on the safe side.
Out of many investment plans, housing market has proven itself to be a more reliable one even if it could not gain the confidence of all the investors.