2013- A year for Gold Investment

Gold Investment

Many of the investment managers foresee the coming year to be a time to make investments in gold. In fact, they suggest the investors to buy gold or to make investments in stocks and mutual funds in gold mainly.

Performance of gold in the last few years

Central banks around the world continued debasing their currencies. The year had driven the investors to wards gold.

Way back in 2008, the yellow metal had lost its glory, but later, the prices rose as much as 158% reaching the peak point in September of 2011. Again the prices went down by 13% since that period.

Opinion of Experts

David Rosenberg, chief economist with Lufkin Sheaf + Associates has opined that, “I think it will be flat year for equities but what worked in 2012 should work in 2013 as well.”

Dennis Gartman, economist and editor of the Gartman letter says, “I think gold goes much higher in Yen terms and right now it is trading around yen 143,000/ox and with the government there that shall be taking power in January fully committed to a Bank of Japan that prints unlimited sums of Yen.”

He also adds that Gold would trade at a much larger price than what it is today.

Gartman also has displayed his trust in gold equities for the first time in the last few years. He is hopeful that gold will gain upon bullion.

He suggests the long term investors in gold to buy the same and stock it. For traders he suggests that making an investment in Gold ETF is quite a good option to make money.

Jeff Killburg, founder and CEO of KKM Financial says that the inflation will pull the prices of gold much above $2,000. He believes that gold will regain its lustre once again which was somewhere lost a little in the past year. This clearly indicates a potential gain of 22% or even more.

Gold has always been a preferred and secured option of making investments. Many do not take it as a short term investment but also as the largest source and mode of long term investment.

Hence, the investors can get geared up  to buy as much gold as possible if they wish to have a kind of investment which will yield them good benefits in short period of time and a big security over the longer number of years.