Investment in US stocks

United States, 17th November: Volatile financial times and recent economic slowdown may pose as barriers to reposing faith in the once bullish US stock market.

But, nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that stock market has its tough as well as good times and bearish trend is, as always, followed by bullish times. So, this gives weight to the fact that the US stock market is still worth relying and one can look forward to making choicest investments here. Let us see some of the best bets while deciding our investment portfolio—

• Frontier Communications—This company emerged as the major mover by registering a fall of around 8 percent in the stocks. The earnings of the company fell short of around $0.01 as compared to the predictions by market analysts. The company has managed successfully to retain its dividend while having a cash flow payout ratio of whopping 71 percent which is something to boast about in these tough economic times.

• Vodafone—Vodafone was a company showing good earnings. On top of it, the company announced an interim dividend of 3,05 pence in February, an increase of 7 percent from the interim dividend given last year.

Moreover, a special dividend, namely the Verizon Wireless special dividend(at the rate of 4 pence) of nearly $1.12 will be given to each holder of ADR(American Depository Receipts) as an integrated combined interim as well as special dividend. This makes Vodafone a golden goose for investors.

• More dividends in the offering—Apart from the above mentioned dividends, the shareholders have much more in their kitty in the coming times. This includes a dividend of $0.1875 by Frontier in December. Vodafone is going to give a dividend of around 0.705 pence in February 2012 while the date of ex-dividend is 16th November, 2011.

Eli Lilly has revealed paying a dividend of 0.49 per share on 9th December this year while the date of ex-dividend is 10th November, 2011. Southern is going to make a dividend of $0.4725 on December 6 this year while the ex-dividend is going to be paid on 3rd November.

So, with all these strong factors in mind, its good to take an investment leap into the future leaders of the stock market to reap better.