New Rules for Canadians using Employment Insurance benefits

Toronto, 9 January 2013: A latest announcement has been made on lines like this– Canadians who are starting their 2013 being jobless have to go under strict rules of employment insurance to get jobs. Under the new rules and guidelines of EI or employment insurance, a person would have to be more diligent in the paperwork to get a new job.

Sources state, “Some of the reports, which have been designed, are clearly stating that, even though the documentation is perfect, a person might have to settle for something lower than the dream job, which they have always anticipated. People who are attaining the benefits of employment insurance will now have to take up different measures to catch hold of a perfect job for themselves. “

New rules and guidelines have also been published under the new reforms taken for EI or employment insurance. Different aspects have been drawn and brought into conclusion for defining an ideal job. The experts are stating that, with the new reforms of EI taken into practice, various unemployed people who were enjoying the benefits of EI would not be able to take them anymore.

With the current changes in practice, three groups have been divided under which the claimants will be categorized. Even the Canadian government has released data and facts of EI so that proper grouping of the candidates can be done in a hassle free manner.

The minister of Human Resource in Canada stated that, “The reforms which have been customized is for the benefit of the society and it will give an equal opportunity to those who are deprived of the chances and benefits of employment insurance. The minister also stated that, as new parameters are made for jobs, suitable working opportunities would be regulated for citizens of Canada. Adding to the points, the minister said that it would be beneficial even for EI, as less returns will have to be given to the claimants.”

Canadian labor minister stated that, the changes, which are taken into practice, are not to force the Canadian to shift their base to another place, but it is for their benefit to attain a good position and job as per their skills.

The labor minister also stated that, the changes in the EI would help the Canadians to find the jobs accordingly in a hassle free manner. Seeing the changes getting in flow, the Canadian government is taking different measures and steps like email services and job alert system to inform the citizens about the new changes and market condition for new jobs.

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