Increase in employment insurance claimants in Canada

<p>Canada, 20th August: According to latest figures by Statistics Canada, there has been a considerable increase in employment insurance claimants in the recent times. <br />


The figures for June show that number of people collecting EI (employment insurance) benefits in Canada went up to 691,600 showing an increase of 8,400 from the previous month. The increase in EI claimants is for the third consecutive month.

The number of new claims also showed an upward trend in the month of June as compared to May 2010 with the addition of new 4,900 people seeking claims taking the total number of people to 238,000.

Meanwhile, number of beneficiaries of EI has gone down by 16.6 percent to 137,700 after touching a peak in June last year.

 The number of EI claimants went up in nine Canadian provinces in the month of June 2010 with the only province showing a fall in EI beneficiaries being Ontario. Canadian provinces, especially New Brunswick and Quebec showed a significant increase in people collecting employment insurance benefits.

The biggest decline was in Ontario where number of employment insurance beneficiaries decreased by 38.2 percent, followed by provinces of Alberta and B.C. (British Columbia) with a fall of 30.6 percent and 23.4 percent respectively. The findings of monthly labor force by Statistics Canada reveal an increase in the number of people on jobs in Canada.

The number of people joining Canada labor force in June 2010 was 93,200 as the number of jobs in Canada registered a growth in the months of April, May and June 2010. April registered a record increase in the number of people getting employed in Canada with 108,700 people got hired for jobs in Canada.

The economy of Canada seems to be much better than what it was almost a year ago and this is clearly evident in the new figures of jobs in Canada, said director of Ontario’s economic development department, Neil Everson. It also shows that a lot of activity is going on in Canada, Everson added.

Employment in Ontario has increased with people getting new jobs in service and construction industries. The official figures reveal the unemployment rate in Ontario went down to 38.2 percent in June 2010.

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