Immigrants in the UK warned of gumtree rental property scam

United Kingdom: New immigrants in the UK are being cautioned against a gumtree property rental scam.

United Kingdom: New immigrants in the UK are being cautioned against a gumtree property rental scam.

All foreign nationals immigrating to the UK and searching rental accommodation have been warned by NLA(National Landlords Association) about the ongoing scam at the site .

The fraud was notified to the NLA by several tenants who were the victims of the rental property scam. The website of gumtree is an online classifieds site which defrauds innocent overseas nationals by inviting applications for rental accommodations to live in the UK.

Once the usual e-mails are sent to the foreign nationals in the UK, potential tenants are then required to submit the asked rental amount to the landlord.

However, its here the harrowing tale of woes unfolds for the unsuspecting tenants wanting accommodation on rent to stay in the UK.

After the amount of rent is sent, the tenants try to contact the landlord for getting keys of the rented property but find that contact cannot be established with the landlord because they have been cheated and the landlord does not exist at all.

Another issue of great concern in the whole matter is that in order to avoid any suspicions, the advertisements inviting tenants for the rental property always have a NLA logo along with a imitated copy of the Tenant Check service.

As soon as the issue was notified to the NLA, it has clearly advised to the immigrants in the UK seeking rental property to exercise utmost caution in order to ensure that the advertiser is indeed bonafide.

Director of Operations at the NLA, Richard Price, has said that all foreign nationals seeking UK immigration and requiring accommodation in the UK before they come here are cautioned to take the help of the university or the employer in the UK whom they will be joining.

This is due to the fact that any employer living in the UK or the university in the UK which any prospective immigrant is seeking admission to will have requisite knowledge about the standard rules applicable in the UK along with the list of local rental agents as well as approved landlords.

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