How safe is it to use your credit card online?

26th November: Do you think it’s safe to use your credit cards online? Let us know the various facts— 

26th November: Do you think it’s safe to use your credit cards online? Let us know the various facts—

The internet has, no doubt, made our lives more convenient and comfortable. But that has increased the element of risk in our lives. Many of us use our credit cards to buy things, book holidays, purchase groceries, and buy other things online. May be, many also use credit cards to consolidate the debts. In fact, this seems to be trend these days.

But, do you know that using your credit card online can spell big trouble for you, money-wise. Yes, indeed, it can.

Potential threats while using credit card online—

Using a computer with a keylogging or spyware software–-Shopping online using your credit card using a computer having a spyware software or keylogging software can put your credit card details at a big risk.

Using a computer infected with viruses—This can also spell a risk for your credit card information since most of the viruses keep a vigil on the information entered by you concerning your credit card.

Shopping on an unsecure website—Shopping online on a website that begins with the URL ‘http’ is regarded as a major potential threat to the safety of your credit card.

Tips for safe online use of credit card—

• The best thing is to use your own pc (personal computer) while shopping online with your credit card.

• To safeguard your credit card, make sure to clean up your PC using reliable antivirus removal tools.

• While using your credit card online, make sure to have the requisite and updated online security software installed in your pc including a firewall and anti-virus.

• Ensure that the web site used for online shopping is a secure site. A web site is considered to be secure if it starts with ‘https’. ‘s’ means that the website is secure.

• Avoid using your credit card online if you think that there can be some risk in doing so. Restrict the use of your credit card online to the retailers whom you know well and avoid using your card for dealing with the relatively unfamiliar retailers.

• Using common sense while using your credit card online is also essential to safe yourself from credit card frauds. While purchasing products online, always see that the website or the company does have a contact number or any other method for contacting the company. Do not give your credit card details to any anonymous form online.

By exercising the above mentioned precautions, you can help in safeguarding your credit card.