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Done with all packing for your travel to US and Canada? How about your medical insurance? Yes, while traveling to US or Canada visitor medical insurance is a quintessential to take along. Health care in these countries is being run by private sector, therefore, it is very expensive and a visitor medical insurance card is of utmost importance while travelling to this part of the world. If you have your medical insurance in your own country, that won’t cover your bills during your overseas stay, due to the expensive healthcare in US and Canada. Visitor medical insurance is the only way to look up to.

This card insures the traveler against accident and any health expanses during his or her stay abroad. And it’s not a big shots’ game only. All kind of travelers can afford this medical insurance card, as the premium rates are very low and affordable. These good visitor medical policies will make you free from the tension of expensive medications and charges of unexpected visits to the doctors.

However, I won’t suggest you to get lured by any cheap insurance plan, as that might just cost you with no benefit at all. The insurance cover is the one thing which gives you a clear outlook of premium and cover details. Usually there is a direct proportionate relation between the cover levels and premium amount.

These medical insurance cards can be availed through online application before your travel abroad and in case you haven’t taken it earlier, you can purchase it even if you are already in US/Canada. This online facility offers you the quotes from different insurance companies so that you get the best offer available.

There are various insurance companies which offer numerous kinds of insurance plans for visitors according to their needs. However, you should check all the details and offers mentioned in the plan. Sometimes there are just gimmicks to attract customers. You should beware of that and should not be reluctant to clear your queries.

A traveler can get visitor medical insurance cards for different durations, which may vary from three days validity to three years. These visitor insurance plans are renewable as well. It is suggested that people who extend their travel duration should apply for new insurance card, before the existing card expires. The renewal process takes time, so an insurer should always apply with much time in buffer.

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