Gold best bet for short-term investment

20th October: Gold happens to be the best bet for investment, be it for short-term or even long term.

So, investors wanting to ensure best returns should look to Gold, experts suggest. Meanwhile, investors looking for long-term investments should go not just for gold investments but also for numerous broad-basket commodities as well.

Investors flock to gold for assured returns--According to Abraham Baillin, an ETF analyst, past trends reveal that majority of investors have been investing in gold, inflation-linked bonds, real estate as well as a broad basket of commodities to retain buying power in case an unexpected inflation happens.

The most reliable investment strategy is to go for broad-basket commodity allocations, adds Bailin. And gold happens to be the most favored investment that allures investors in times of financial uncertainty.

Indeed, gold investments offer best protection against short-term upheavals over broad basket commodities.

Meanwhile, the broad basket offers a better protection if we keep into mind long-term fluctuations, he asserts.

Nonetheless, there seem to be no sure-shot rule for getting higher returns in terms of investment, be it broad-basket commodities or gold, he clarifies. It entirely depends on the time period of the investment to be made, that is, whether its for long-term or short-term., Mr. Bailin adds.

Increased demand for gold investment—Gold happens to be a good means for diversifying your investment portfolio while keeping your wealth protected. It is the best option for investment since it is negatively related to stocks.

The point worth mentionable here is that gold has continued to keep its long-term returns assured despite being vulnerable to volatility in short-term.

Since the price of gold increases as a reaction to events affecting value of bonds and stocks, so, gold is a crucial part of a diversified portfolio.

One of the major reasons why majority of investors are turning to gold for investment is because it has not lost its intrinsic value even during market collapse or any scandals.

So, it is rising up the popularity charts to emerge on the top of the global scene. Several nations like India, China etc. have been quick in accumulating gold.

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