Getting out of debt

6th February: In the present times, managing to get out of debt and keep staying out is, indeed, a difficult task.

However, certain steps can help us manage our finances in a better in a prudent manner and stop getting under new debt. Debt is becoming a big problem for many of us and we have to face tough situation moving out of it. But there are ways to control our debts.

So, let us see how can we get out of debt—

• Accept you are in debt—This is the most important step for those wanting to move out of debt. We need to accept that we are in debt and also the fact that we went into this awkward situation because we spent the money that we don’t actually have. And next follows a resolution to control such habits by making financial strategies and adhering to them strictly.

• Don’t borrow more for paying back your debts—One should never borrow for clearing your debt. However, if you can money at lower rates of interest for repaying your debt, then its good.

• Start making small savings—Making small cutbacks in your spending can prove to be a great step in controlling and cutting back your debts.

• Have an emergency fund—Start making a savings account to be used for an emergency. Make regular deposits to the emergency fund account. This will help you in meeting any unexpected expenditure without having to incur debts.

Recording your spending

Make it a point to keep a record of your spending. Although, it may seem a bit difficult initially, but it is a good step in this regard. It will help you to get out of debts.

Budget your spending categorically—You must work towards having a budget for the next month based on different categories of spending of the previous month. Writing down your spending to control your debt.

• Increase your income—Believe it or not but it is a fact that you can move out of your debts faster by growing your income. This can be done by asking for an increase in your current employment or searching a better paying job. You can also look to begin a new business.

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