Employees seek employer help with health planning

22nd November: Majority of employees say they need help of employer with regard to health planning and benefits of various health care programs.

This has been revealed by findings of a latest survey undertaken by the National Business Group on Health and The Future Company.

One-size-fits-all not good for health plans—The survey findings clearly show that consumers need information customized in accordance with the individual needs and requirements.

Hence, around fifty percent of survey respondents want a personalized health plan that can help them make desired improvements in their health.

Nearly 75 percent of consumers expressed concerns with regard to affordability of health care program. Hence, they felt the need for getting help from their respective employers to get the best out of the health care programs while keeping the costs under control, the survey informs.

According to CEO and president of the National Business Group on Health, Helen Darling, health programs that cater to the needs of the concerned employee as well as his family’s health care are needed by consumers.

Meanwhile, employers themselves face numerous challenges while offering with healthcare plans that help meet the requirements of their employees and their families while keeping costs under control, reveals Darling.

Use cash, material rewards for using employer-sponsored health plans—The best way to allure more and employees to use employer-sponsored health care programs is by offering cash as well as non-cash rewards, admit nearly 60 percent of survey respondents.

Such incentives could go a long way in increasing participation of employees in employer-sponsored healthcare programs, reveal 50 percent of consumers in the survey. Nearly one-third of consumers say a major obstacle in the way of non-participation of consumers in the employer-sponsored health care programs is the lack of awareness.

Biometric screenings or blood tests(with a participation rate of 61 percent) topped the popularity charts of health care programs followed by health-risk assessments(having a participation rate of 57 percent).

Such programs had a quite high satisfaction rate among with nearly 92 percent and 97 percent of consumers expressing satisfaction with regard to participation in blood tests and health-risk assessment.

Cost saving tips needed—The survey highlighted the need for getting cost saving tips from employers to save costs while choosing and using health care programs.

Hence, employers must work towards providing customized health care program to their employees keeping in view the needs of their individual employee or worker, the survey highlights.

And they must offer cost-saving tools to keep the health care costs under control.