Economy top issue coming year-Canada PM

Canada, 27th December: Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated in a recent interview that the economy will remain to be the most vital issue facing the nation in the coming year.

Government to focus on Canadian economy–The federal government still has economy as the top issue on its agenda. That’s because the global economy is undergoing through tough economic times. Hence, the wisdom lies in staying focused on the economy rather than swaying on other hot-button issues including abortion, gay marriages or death penalty, Harper reaffirmed.

He asserted that Canadian economy has fared quite well in the current year although Europe is reeling under severe financial turmoil. The growth rate for the current year has been around 2.3 percent, quite closer to the expected rate.

The economy of Canada outpaced some of the biggest industrial economies including the US by witnessing an increase (year-over-year) of 2.4 percent in the GDP. Meanwhile, the Eurozone and the US continued to reel under financial crunch.

Challenging Canadian economy in 2012-Harper warns—Meanwhile, Harper made no bones about admitting the fact that Canadian economy will have to face some big challenges in the coming year. He admitted that tough times in the global economy could also have some effect on the nation and its federal budget next year.

Hence, the aim and focus of the government will be to ensure the sustainability of major programs of Canada, he clarified. The coming year is going to be a challenging year for Canada as well as the global economy, he admitted.

He also quipped that pulling out the Kyoto Accord was, indeed, a best step in the interests of the national economy. His decision had invited widespread criticism both domestically and internationally.

Steps to boost Canada economy--Canada needs to chalk out ways to help the economy keep growing, Harper asserted. In order to cut down federal deficit, Canada is exercising marginal reductions in federal spending although the nation does have fiscal flexibility, the PM admitted.

He hinted that Canadian economy could get a big boost by a reform in Canada immigration, especially with regard to recognition of foreign credentials.

Moreover, Canada must work towards hiring foreigners having specific skills in great demand in the nation, he maintained.