Things to know before borrowing


There is no one in this world that never had to borrow money from a friend, relative or a lending agency. In spite of precise planning you might see yourself in a position where you have to borrow money from somebody.

Borrowing always may not come with difficult situations one. When you are buying a house, you will have to take help from lender because an average man can never accumulate so much of wealth that he can own a house right in the beginning of his career without taking any financial support. Hence in such situations you have to take a loan.

There are a few things you should know before you borrow

Build a good credit record

If you intend to take a loan then your credit history should be strong enough. So make sure, that your record is good by making the payments on time.

Improve your credit record

In case you have a not so healthy record then you should first improve by clearing all your debts and bills and then start applying for the loans.

Selection of loaning agency

There are some loaning agencies who can give lend you money at cheaper interest rate but ask for a lot many details which might be difficult for you to produce. However, there are some who do not ask for many papers but their interest rate is quite high. It all depends upon your preparation of papers; if you have adequate documents then you will not have to pay higher interest rate.

Secured and Unsecured loans

Some loans are available against your property or asset which actually works like a security for the lender. Here the interest rate is lesser. This is known as “Secured loans”. There is another category where you have to pay higher interest rates but no assets of yours are considered as security.  This is termed as “Unsecured loans”.

Submit correct information

Remember that lending agencies can reach your correct financial information through your security number, hence never try to conceal or give misinformation to them. This may go against you and you might not get any loan form any agency at all.

Hence, borrowing could be desperation in some moments of life but, make sure you are well prepared for the same.