Are you vulnerable towards “Credit Card” cheating?

Credit Card

Credit Cards are one commonly used tool by many of us today. In fact, there is hardly anyone who does not use such a card because of its luring facilities and to a great extent the easy usage for those who want instant credit facility.

However, timely evaluation is needed to check if you are vulnerable to get cheated through your credit card or not.

There are following “Credit Card Security tips” to prevent your card getting cheated:

  • Master Card Zero Liability

When you use such a card, the purchases cannot be made over the phone or even without the signature of the card holder. So the card automatically gets protected when only the account holder is able to make the transaction.

  • Card Verification Card (CVC)

There is a CVC associated with every card, while you make a purchase you will basked to enter this code for verification.

  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)

There is a PIN associated with most foot he credit cards which is unique for every card. While making a transaction, you will be asked to emerge this number which ideally should be known by the card holder only.

Some of the other security tips are

  • Use only a secured system for making any transaction, in fact, a cyber café or any such public place should be avoided for using the credit card.
  • Respond to emails from a trustworthy source and not to all of them, there could be a hoax mail asking for your personal details by luring you with some other benefit.
  • Use Anti-virus and spyware software on your system so that your information is not decoded through your gadget.
  • Always set an alert on your mobile for the transactions you make through your credit card.
  • Check the credit card statement quite frequently so that you know the exact number and amount of transition you have made through your card.
  • Every credit card company has a toll free number which works round the clock. The minute you realize that your card has been cheated, make sure that you inform the concerned department immediately. Take down the “service number” of the conversation you have made with the customer care executive of the company. This would be needed for future reference.

Credit Card is an essential necessity as it saves us from the cumbersome task of carrying cash, yet one has to be careful in the present era wherein frauds seem to be technically sounder than the protectors.