Credit card scams—How to avoid them

22nd March: Credit card frauds are becoming prevalent now days taking advantage of innocent credit card users.’

No wonder, police officials are getting overwhelmed with several complaints concerning credit card frauds taking place every single day.

According to police officials, fraudster usually informs the credit card user that his or her credit card has been compromised. Hence, potential victims of credit card scams are asked to provide their three-digit PIN number mentioned on the back of their credit card to solve the issue.

How to avoid falling prey to credit card fraud—

• Be wary of giving credit card information—Police officials have been warning credit card users time and again not to reveal their PIN mentioned on the back of their credit cards.

Don’t ever commit the mistake of giving any personal information related to your credit cards to anyone on phone. Rather, call security number of credit cards.

• Sign your credit cards—Once you receive your credit cards, the first step should be to sign them as early as possible.

• Say no to emails asking credit card number—Don’t respond to any emails asking credit card information or number since all such emails are nothing but phishing scams.

• Monitor your financial statements—Another thing is to keep a note of your financial statements and look for any suspicious transactions to avoid becoming victim of credit card scam.

• Shredding credit card applications—A good way to avoid becoming victim of any credit card fraud is to shred all applications for credit cards you receive.

• Hide your credit card number—Make sure to hide your credit card number from all those prying human eyes or hidden cameras.

• Don’t leave your credit card receipts—Forgetting to collect your credit card receipt after eating at a restaurant could land you in a big trouble. Amazing? But it is true! That’s because most of the receipts bear the number of your credit card printed there and can be easily used by potential fraudsters of credit cards.

Moreover, credit card receipts having your signature can spell more trouble for you since your signature can be easily copied leading to identity theft.

• Don’t keep your credit cards in wallet—Carrying credit cards in a pouch rather than your wallet can save from losing it.