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Escaping The Estate Tax Trap For

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is set to change the Estate Tax portability regulations. A request has been made to the IRS by the American Institute of CPAs that the present rules be changed and made more “family friendly”. One

Falling Alberta Real Estate Mark

Some of the top mortgage insurers of Canada are watching the failing real estate market situation with increased worry and alertness. They are planning to introduce tougher policy changes to counter the increase in mortgage defaults. Mortgage defaults were rarely

Tax Deductions to be Considered

When you are about to retire, the last thing you want to be concerned about is the payment of your tax. You may have done everything right, saving the right amount in the right place, to enjoy that retired life.

How Not to Get Noticed By the CR

Getting an “intent to audit” letter from the CRA is not something any taxpayer would be looking forward to. But there are lot of ways by which we can easily be noticed by the CRA if we are not careful

Penalties for Not Filing Taxes o

If you have only missed the filing date and have not defaulted on payments, or fudged your income then you don’t need to worry about any penalties. Even if you have missed your deadline you can still file it online

Saving for Your Future While Sti

Most Americans are bogged down with one or the other loan or debt payment. Unchecked borrowing, unforeseen emergency expenses, unavoidable payments, etc , would lead to debt accumulation and often times it is so high that they barely manage to

High Quality Bonds are Still the

If you are thinking of investing your excess fund or savings amount, you may be well attracted to the high returns of Stock shares. But a basic knowledge of how Stocks and Bonds work would help you decide which of

The Right Time to Retire for Max

One of the main middle age blues is the thought that you are more closer to old age than before. You start getting flash thoughts about your future and you start worrying about a life of retirement. For some, they

How to Save Tax Through Your Com

It is always better to run a small business as an incorporated company than as a sole proprietorship because of the corporate tax rate that favours the former. The difference is huge as the personal rate for sole proprietorship is

Vanguard Funds for Retirement sa

$3 trillion of assets are being managed by Vanguard group and the firm is well known for its Index funds- a concept in which more than one-third of the retirement plan products are being used. Vanguard’s target date funds is