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Tax evasion: U.S. reports yet an

FBI and U.S. Attorney catch upon yet another case of money laundering and tax evasion by some Canadians. The Background The case involves two Canadian Citizens who played a major role in laundering money offshore amounting to a sum of

Employment Insurance Premiums to

Job growth in the country is quite discouraging, and therefore the Government looks for ways to promote the same. Only very recently, Finance Minister has announced to reduce the premiums on Employment Insurance so that small businesses could feel a

Factors that never helped Apple

They say that market is not quite ready to accept Apple’s new introduction and therefore, the stocks have gone down. The news US Based Pacific Crest says that Apple Watch is a large mass market hit. They have also said

Earning from rents could bring b

There is a couple who never found their income to be enough for owning a house even in another decade’s time. But, one fine day when they thought of buying a small apartment and putting it on rent, they realized

Tax Offence? Would it mean going

Those who are found to be tax offenders could experience a range of punishments starting from fighting a trial to being jailed up. Canada is quite strict with those who do not pay their taxes accurately and on time. How

Do Canadians prefer to get self-

Canada is a country with a large number of people being young and in future this trend is going to get even more prominent. The rising rate of unemployment forces Canadians to come up with various other options apart from

Myths about tax returns: Could b

Tax filers would certainly like to avoid paying taxes to the extent they can, they would keep looking for ways that could save them a little money from one corner or the other. While on the journey of filing returns

Canada’s Housing Market: Overh

Housing prices in Vancouver has touched almost the figure of $100,000 last month. Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver informs that this is an all-time high value and is something that had never happened before. The rise in prices When

Federal and Provinces Government

Under Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the Federal and Provincial Governments have signed agreements. This has been done with the aim of ensuring employers and job seekers reach each other in congruence. The need of the agreement There have been employers

Tax liabilities for the deceased

The tax rule says that taxes are to be paid for the person who has died, though the payment will be made for the year in which the death has occurred. Who is responsible to file returns? The liquidator or