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Scams that Affected Canadians Fi

Customer scams and extortion exist in almost every range of the commercial center, including online misrepresentation. Scams undermine the security of shoppers regularly by focusing on their own data, abandoning them at danger to dangers, for example, money related misfortune

Universal kid Tax in Canada R

Referring to the time expected to urge the project up and running, the administration sent the initial seven months of installments on, in bump combination installments of $420 or $520 per child that Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre referred to as

Wage Theft – Understanding &am

Whenever an employer makes the workers to work on any kind of project and use his or her services without paying then it is called as a wage theft. In some cases executives purposely exploit laborers, and once in a

Mortgage lending rises with rise

This is not new; the prices of houses in Canada rising up. The hike in house prices in Canada began witnessing a hike, since July 2009. This has led to an increasing number of citizens applying for financial loans in

You be must be concerned about t

Greece is a small country (population of barely 11 million). In recent years, some European countries (Spain, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal) faced financial problems and received bailouts. Greek has been received two bailouts. Financially, Greece will surely go down, without

Ontario Province Government’s

Ontario Government wants to know the public’s opinion on these loans and is possibly contemplating some regulatory provisions for all finance loans with exorbitant interest rates.  Loans such as payday loans are specially designed for trapping low-earning members of the

Hike in mortgage rates affects l

Mortgaging is one way because of which most Canadian citizens survive. Most of the citizens use the facility of finance loans to meet their expenditure, at the cost of having their property mortgaged. Also, since the interest is mostly found

Income Splitting by High Income

31st May: High Income professionals of Canada have been getting huge tax benefits for decades by income splitting. Yes, this has been proved by a recent study undertaken by top researchers of Canada. Income splitting by high earning professionals—High income

No Canada Housing Bubble—FM

Canada, 21st May: Canada housing market is not in any bubble. This has been affirmed by Canada Finance Minister Joe Oliver. No bubble in Canada housing market—Canada housing market is not in a bubble. This has been clarified by Canada

Canadians Over-exposed to Mortga

The housing market in Canada is in a very volatile situation. Prime Minister, Mr Stephen Harper has warned his countrymen that many of them are overly exposed to mortgage debt. But he believes that the markets will bounce back and