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How a Bad Credit Score can Affec

In days gone by, having a bad credit score only meant that you would find it difficult to get new loans sanctioned. But time shave changed. Now with your credit history available digitally, every other company runs a check on

Reverse Mortgage – Boon fo

Reverse Mortgaging allows those who are 62 years or older to convert their home equity into cash without having to pay any additional amount. This enables the aged to pay for their healthcare and other expenses, get a better retirement

The Oil Market Crash About to Se

Oil has become the silent killer in recent times. Unlike in ancient times when it was the wealth of gold and other such commodities that gave power to kingdoms, after the advent of industrialisation and related developments, Oil gradually became

Estate Planning: Better Early th

American business tycoon, investor and philanthropist Warren Edward Buffett said, “I want to leave my children enough that they feel they can do anything, but not so much that they do nothing.” Being one of the richest men alive, Warren

How to Buy a House with a Crashe

After the recent credit crisis, lots of Canadians are at the brink of declaring bankruptcy as they are left with a crashed credit rating. Lenders are wary of high-risk mortgages following the crisis which in effect cuts out the options

Alberta’s Real Estate Slowdown

With the economy on a slowdown after the fall in crude oil prices the Canadian real estate market is facing a possible crash starting from Alberta. The scenario is all the more volatile as the real estate market is 30%

Big Banks Slashing Mortgage Inte

The big Canadian Banks are all set to compete with each other in slashing interest rates for mortgages, taking a cue from the Royal Bank of Canada, which dropped its rate to 2.84 per cent over the weekend, in what

Dealing with the phenomenon of r

The interest rates are central axis around which any market would revolve. It is this rate which indicates or at least supposed to indicate the entire change in the market which may include any kind of investment. It could start

Single home buyers boost Canada

Canada, 1st April: Increased number of single professionals are buying houses in Canada. As per the reports, large number of single professionals are taking a decision to buy a home in Canada. And this is certainly good development, reveal Canada

Real Estate market and the Canad

The Real Estate Market in Canada and the US has shown quite a large amount of changes in the recent past. When compared with US the housing market has contributed positively to the economy of Canada, whereas the one is