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The Family Tax Credit announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on 30th October 2014 is a refined version of his election promises made during 2011. This scheme has measures for Canadian families to help make life more affordable. With this

Has Canada’s Housing Marke

Is Canada’s Housing Bubble About to Pop Prices of properties in Canada are at an all time high and the real estate sector is experiencing an unprecedented boom. Very low mortgage rates in addition to the stable employment levels have

You May be Penalised for Your Sa

Canadians who have savings in their banks have been experiencing turbulent times in their finances due to the incessant decline in the interest rate on their savings. The returns on their savings accounts, Government bonds, guaranteed investment certificates, etc., are

Estate Planning: Better Early th

American business tycoon, investor and philanthropist Warren Edward Buffett said, “I want to leave my children enough that they feel they can do anything, but not so much that they do nothing.” Being one of the richest men alive, Warren

How to Buy a House with a Crashe

After the recent credit crisis, lots of Canadians are at the brink of declaring bankruptcy as they are left with a crashed credit rating. Lenders are wary of high-risk mortgages following the crisis which in effect cuts out the options

Alberta’s Real Estate Slowdown

With the economy on a slowdown after the fall in crude oil prices the Canadian real estate market is facing a possible crash starting from Alberta. The scenario is all the more volatile as the real estate market is 30%

Big Banks Slashing Mortgage Inte

The big Canadian Banks are all set to compete with each other in slashing interest rates for mortgages, taking a cue from the Royal Bank of Canada, which dropped its rate to 2.84 per cent over the weekend, in what

The Right Mortgage Company Makes

When you need to borrow money for a home improvement project or any other need, it’s important to choose a mortgage company that understands your needs and offers products that suit them. A refinance is something that many homeowners benefit

5 Tips for Getting Your Finances

Are you spiraling into debt? Or maybe you just don’t have the kind of savings that you’d like. Whatever your reasons for your money problems, here are five ways to retake control of your finances and get your life back

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28 million tax returns were filed by taxpayers of Canada in 2013. Nearly half of these returns were filed electronically using software that is commonly used by tax preparers. Tax preparers are the professionals who file returns on behalf of