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The Pros and Cons of Mortgage Pr

What is mortgage protection insurance? Mortgage protection insurance (MPI) is another life insurance that covers the insurer for various contingencies in life that includes pink slips, physical disabilities and even death. This protection pays for the mortgage and is, therefore,

Mortgage Insurance: A necessity

Buying a home is a dream for many, and when you actually go to purchase one you will always have to bank upon a lender. This lender could be an individual or a financial body which facilitates the process of

Smart Insurance Buying for a Kno

When getting insurance done for one’s motor vehicle the owner should always remember the ways to do some smart shopping. What one must first look for are the various discounts that are on the offer and which insurance companies have

Have you been fired or laid off?

Has your employer asked you to leave the job, all of a sudden? Have you been laid off without prior notice or preparation? Such days could come in your life when you have no job and you are not informed

Seven deadly insurance mistakes

17th February: Do you know that you need to be wary of some important factors if you want to avoid falling prey to common insurance mistakes? Let’s see the deadly insurance mistakes we must avoid. Drive without insurance—Are you thinking

Child Support, Alimony and Taxat

A payment that is specifically designated as child support in the divorce or separation instrument is not deductible by the payer from his/her income or is taxable as alimony to the payee. Even if there is no specific allocation to

Insurance Companies’ Choice of

  Insurance companies were treated as purely passive and the relationship between the consumers and insurance company was considered one in hibernation till a certain requirement comes up. The trend has now changed with the mushrooming access of insurance intermediaries

Disability Insurance: Need of th

They say that the possibility of a person in mid age getting disabled is more than him or her dying before 60. And therefore, it becomes quite mandatory for every Canadian to buy an insurance which helps them to deal

How an Insurance Agent can help

Your quest for car insurance should ideally begin online. By visiting insurance companies directly via their website, you’ll get a good feel for what they offer, the type of customers they serve, and what their general prices are. While you

Health Insurance Options for You

Young Americans have grown more responsible towards their health. The number of younger generation insured for health has gone up in the last couple of years. This reflects the awareness amongst the young adults regarding health and the associated cost.