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Tips for Business Travel

10th May: Want to know some basic tips for business travel? Let us see these here now. Basic tips for business travel— Stay packed—Among the tips for business travel is staying packed. Yes, you should keep your suitcase packed partially

Benefits of Land Leasing

16th September: Do you know that land leasing is becoming the latest trend when it comes to buying a home? Yes, in a land lease, you buy the dwelling but not the land and you pay the rent to the

Claim Your Medical and Attended

Medical expenses for yourself or for that matter of any of your family matter can be very high. You can assert restorative costs for yourself, your companion (or basic law accomplice) and minor kids that you paid in any 12-month

The Evolution of the Time Clock

First appearing on the business scene in 1888, the time clock has evolved with technology to offer advanced features that make the clocks themselves easier to use while offering software features that help managers track payroll more efficiently. Today, businesses

Reducing Downtime After a Disast

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can reduce the efficiency of a business for extended periods of time. It could be weeks if not months to recover from a flood or other event, which means the business is going that long

Is Paying off Mortgage Better th

Many families, that have mortgage payments to make, find themselves in a dilemma – they are unable to decide if paying off mortgages and living peacefully is better than making new investments and earning more. In this highly materialistic world

Canadian Intra- Company Transfer

Intra Company Transfer (ICT) is a process through which one company sends its professional to another branch of the same company for a specific period. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recently announced that it had made significant changes to

Canada Review Agency’s waiver

In a major relief to many taxpayers, Canada Review Agency (CRA) may consider to waive penaltiesand interests on defaulting taxpayers if such non-compliance has risen out of extraordinary circumstances, financial hardships, actions of CRA or other such circumstances. Under the

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: C

It is only when they enter the 3rd phase of culture shock that Canadians begin to appreciate the cultural differences between Canada and their host country. They finally begin to adjust with the people and their traditions and customs, overcoming

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: H

Living in a foreign country for an extended period of time exposes you to many health risks that are not evident when you travel for a short time period. When you stay in a foreign country for a longer duration,