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Canadian Intra- Company Transfer

Intra Company Transfer (ICT) is a process through which one company sends its professional to another branch of the same company for a specific period. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recently announced that it had made significant changes to

Canada Review Agency’s waiver

In a major relief to many taxpayers, Canada Review Agency (CRA) may consider to waive penaltiesand interests on defaulting taxpayers if such non-compliance has risen out of extraordinary circumstances, financial hardships, actions of CRA or other such circumstances. Under the

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: C

It is only when they enter the 3rd phase of culture shock that Canadians begin to appreciate the cultural differences between Canada and their host country. They finally begin to adjust with the people and their traditions and customs, overcoming

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: H

Living in a foreign country for an extended period of time exposes you to many health risks that are not evident when you travel for a short time period. When you stay in a foreign country for a longer duration,

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: M

Money matters become important when living abroad. You must learn to manage your money as it is difficult to make an assessment of the kind of money you need to have in emergency situations. This is natural as you have

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: T

You have obligations in terms of paying taxes. These obligations depend upon your residency status. Many factors are taken into account to decide your residency status. These include the reason behind your stay aboard and its duration and frequency, the

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: I

Rules for immigration vary widely in different countries of the world. Your employment, your wealth, and your family connections are the most important factors governing these immigation rules and regulations. There are countries like Mexico that welcome individuals who are wealthy. They

Get a Personal Loan without Goin

  An unexpected bill can ruin your day and leave you wondering how you’ll pay for food and other necessities until your next check arrives. Borrowing money from your bank or credit union is often difficult. Those lenders typically only

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: C

You can expect all the help and assistance from the embassies and the consulates of Canada wherever you are in the world. Hereunder is a list of such assistances that you can approach the Canadian embassy for in any and every

Guide For Canadian Immigrants: C

Keep an emergency plan ready If you are a Canadian living abroad, it is prudent to have an emergency plan ready. This plan comes handy during emergencies. You remain prepared when there is unrest or a natural disaster in the