Canada, 2nd November: Canada has been named among the best nations for small businesses.

And Canadian province B.C.(British Columbia) is the best place in Canada for small businesses to thrive. This has been revealed by a report unveiled by Ernst & Young, a local group of small businesses.

Although, there is still much room for improvisations, but still, Canada is best among the G20 for entrepreneurs, the report further asserts. Prepared for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit beginning Monday, the survey involved nearly 1,000 small business owners throughout G20.

Canada best for entrepreneurs–Canada has high confidence levels among small business owners and this is clearly evident from the increasingly high number of small business registered in the nation, the study authors maintain.

The nation has boasts of nine new registrations of businesses for around 1,000 people in a year and the onus for this goes to encouraging culture of the nation. It is a startup paradise for counterparts of G20, the report maintains.

Canada is the one and only nation among G20 to have such high levels of confidence, the authors of the report named ‘Entrepreneurs speak out: A call to action for G20 governments’ assert.

Canada scored 93 followed by its neighbor the US with a score of 75. Canada boasts of fluid and protective culture for budding entrepreneurs along with high quality education, less regulatory strains, low taxes and a number of opportunities for collaboration.

Canadian businesses have access to easy funding, admit around 52 percent of survey respondents from Canada.

This is not the first study that has named Canada as the top place for entrepreneurs. In fact, a recent research undertaken by McKinsey & Co. for the G20 YE summit also reveals the same thing, that is, Canada happens to be the most favored entrepreneurial ground among all G20 nations.

Entrepreneurs create jobs, increase prosperity–Nearly 88 percent of survey respondents admitted that culture of Canada is encouraging for entrepreneurship. And around 82 percent of entrepreneurs revealed efficient regulation for launching a new enterprise.

No wonder, Canada’s progressive strides are being welcomed the world over, stated chief executive of Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Vivian Prokop.