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United States, 14th September: Findings of a recent survey by ManpowerGroup provide a booster to the job seekers the world over.

United States, 14th September: Findings of a recent survey by ManpowerGroup provide a booster to the job seekers the world over.

An employment services firm, ManpowerGroup unveils in its latest survey the regions likely to have positive news for job seekers.

Best places for getting jobs—Among the best cities for getting jobs in the present times include San Antonio and Texas. The employment market in these two places is going to brighten up in the coming times. That’s not all.

The job market is upbeat in 45 US states as the employment scene begins to look up. The employers are predicted to go on a hiring spree this season, thus presenting a favorable employment scene for job seekers.

Hiring and firing levels for last quarter of 2011–The survey involved around 18,000 employers in around 100 metropolitan regions. The survey aimed at knowing the trends of hiring, firing and staff levels in the last quarter of the current year.

The findings show that the number of employers likely to reduce the payrolls was stated to be 11 percent while those likely to increase their workforce comprised 16 percent.

This brings us to the seasonally adjusted net job outlook of 5 percent or 7 percent which is up from the previous year’s net job outlook of 6 percent. Around 3 percent of employers revealed uncertainty of their staffing plans while seventy percent did not expect any significant change in their workforce levels.

Job outlook positive--On the whole, the job outlook is positive though there has been a decline of one-point compared with third quarter. Employers, no doubt, remain guarded and somewhat hesitant about hiring new employees, said president of the ManpowerGroup, Jonas Prising.

But, in Austin, El Paso and Texas, the sentiment is upbeat, Prising added.

San Antonio appears to be the most promising in terms of hiring outlook for the last quarter of 2011, he said. New jobs continue to be created, especially in biosciences and health care apart from tourism.

The region is set to stay ahead in the coming times as well due to low cost of living in San Antonio, stated chief executive of Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Richard Perez.

The worst cities for getting employment—Now coming to the worst cities for seeking employment, net job outlook in Las Vegas and Spokane is -4- percent weaker.

The net employment outlook for Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Fla., metro region is -5 percent- for the last quarter. And the worst place for finding work is going to be Bridgesport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn.

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