All Jobless insurance benefits are taxable

24th January: All unemployment insurance benefits received in the past year are taxable.

This is certainly going to affect millions who are still struggling to get jobs and are forced to depend on jobless insurance benefits. According to a vice president of Turbo Tax, Bob Meighan, a common misconception among majority of those receiving jobless benefits is that these are not taxable.

But, it is not true, informs Meighan.

The reason for this misconception among people is because first $2,400 received as unemployment benefits was not taxable in 2009.

However, Congress had not renewed this provision for the year 2011. The only relief for millions going to be affected by the current ruling is that they may be featured in lower income tax bracket owing to lesser income. Moreover, they may find themselves eligible for income tax breaks as well.

So, the need of the hour for people is to consider points like total earned income credit, especially those who had become jobless a year ago, states an official spokesperson of the IRS(Internal Revenue Service) Terry Lemons.

Don’t have money for paying your due taxes, don’t worry, just file your taxes, advises Lemons. For, there are a host of options available for them right now like easy to installments, informs Lemons.

What is deductible—According to IRS, all expenses that are considered as reasonable for the reasons of your move including cost of moving for you and your family members, household goods as well as personal effects are deductible.

Shipping of a family pet and a car is also included. If you have relocated to a new home during first half of the year 2011, the mileage rate will be 19 cents per mile while mileage rate is 23.5 cents for the second half. Another option provided by the IRS is deduction of cost of oil and gas for your car.

However, cost of repair of the car that broke down on the way is not included in deductions.

Expenses related to job or work searches incurred in 2011 are deductible.

These include staying in hotels, stationery, or even long-distance telephone calls and everything related to the employment search, states author of ‘How to Pay Zero Taxes”, Jeff Schnepper.

However, the only condition for becoming eligible for such deductibility is that you must had searched for an employment in the field in which you had earlier searched for.