Alberta Budget and the diverse reactions

The Alberta budget is out!

The Alberta budget is finally out and the biggest part of this news is that, there has been a flood of reactions flowing in for the same. The opposition parties of Wildrose and the Liberals have been open about what they view the budget as. In the simplest of terms, there opinions can be concluded as eyeing the budget as irresponsible. Of course, given that the budget seems to rely on the resource revenues all over again seems to well justify this claim. Or at least, so it seems on the superficial front. In fact, a number of areas like deals entered into by the government with physicians and teachers have gone unfocused in the budget!

However, despite such grumbles heard here and there, there have been positive reactions to the stability in the plans for educational fundings that the budget has stated. However it is left to be seen that the increase in such things shall call in for cuts in the next session of the elections. All said and done, most of the reviewers seem to be concerned about the assistance the government seeks from private players.

On a more positive light, the absence of any new taxes and the like have given a number of people a lot to smile about. In fact, there are no tax increments either. The main problems actually lie with spending and not with the revenues. But the absence of any new tax initiatives has not gone all too well with the taxpaying population.

Moreover, the last point has also led to long faces from small business owners. Despite there being a prediction of strong economic growth, the small businesses are not happy, given the lack of any initiative for their sector. There is nothing new for the businesses—this seems to be the reaction from their quarters.

To sum up it can be said that it is a completely safe budget in the political sense of the term. There are promises of better healthcare and the usual kinds of the same growth story promises. The atmosphere seems in control right now. It is only left to be seen how well these schemes are initiated and implemented for us to draw a final round up. Till then, it is only to be seen. The overall reactions can be comprehended as mixed. There are no breakthroughs but the budget is not dismissib-ly bad at all.

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