About Us

TheDollarTimes is for Most of us who believe that planning on investment portfolios for attaining goal as planning for retirement, managing sources for building a home or marrying children or anything else that your dream might be, is a professional job and one time job.


We understand that your financial needs grow exponentially with age and you need to understand that life is not predictable and one needs to cater for unforeseen causes like disability and death.  We also understand that no Investment strategy is fool proof and permanent. You need to review the investment portfolios often to meet the financial goals and may have to take help of professional financial planners.


We at TheDollarTimes make it easier for you to understand the financial terms and help you understand various developments in the field of finance so that you can make your investments grow at higher rates without any external help from finance professionals. We make you develop habit of rebalancing financial portfolios.


Today’s stock markets provide excellent opportunities to make your money multiply and yet at the same time are fraught with risks. We at TheDollarTimes provide you insight that helps you make investment with minimal risks for downslide while providing best returns.


Making the right balance of investment viz; the liquid investments that can always be encashed but yield low returns and long term investments that may not be as liquid yet yield higher returns. At TheDollarTimes, we help you maximize wealth with financially sound strategies that makes sure you always have the right amount of liquidity for emergencies and immediate expenses. This would help you to not lose on profitability either with having more liquid assets or losing on selling good portfolios in an emergency.